Tattoo the Pink Rose

The Pink Rose perceives pink as the color response to sex, hear sounds in response to erotic smells, or associates body shapes with sweet and sensual flavors.

The Pink Rose has unique type called pink synesthesia and a rare form of ink synesthesia. The condition can change the shape and color of your tattoos as well as the color of your surroundings to pink


The Onion has thousands layers but the most popular is the Pleasure Galaxy. The only place you can find hacked neuro waves used for sexual stimulation and the only place you can find NEON7. The NEON7 neuro wave has the highest levels of electrical and chemical sexual responses ever recorded.

Glitter Snatch

Written and Directed by Mitzy Broadway


Max Long – Crazy Bill
Faith Darrow – Miss Kay

Glitter Saloon ,Faith Darrow, Grim Skall, Mirko Panacek, Enki, Max Long

Steam Builder, Terrin Rembrandt

Wanted Poster, Rachel Avro, Alexandria Topaz, Damien Godard

Desert Mirage, Katina Cazalet, Vicki Concertina

Beaver Inspection, Vixxen Clowes, Sasha Johansen, Sil

The Medicine Man, Heather Ashford, Tour Diddy, Wyatt Stone, Daimaju Clowes, Daxie

Glitter River Bridge, Mitzy Broadway, Anyka Aiseiri, Larry Vinaver

Steam Dance Troupe, Mitzy Broadway, Anyka Aiseiri,Heather Ashford,Vixxen Clowes, Sasha Johansen, Katina Cazalet, Vicki Concertina, Rachel Avro, Alexandria Topaz

Glitter Snatch Mine, Mitzy Broadway, Max Long, Faith Darrow

Featuring the Voice of
Rysan Fall

Special Thanks to Patreon
Heather Ashford

Circus Erotica

Written and Directed by
Mitzy Broadway

Mitzy Broadway, Terrin Rembrandt, Laren Silverfall, Larry Vinaver ,Sasha Johansen, Katina Cazalet
Kioke Mio, Anyka Aiséirí ,Rachel Avro, Heather Ashford,Cameron ,Enki, Jadelyn McAuley, Cathy Palen
Partee Mytili,Vixxen Clowes, SiL, Kara Hawk, Daxie, Kandie Kox, Zane Liener, Vicki Concertina

Alexandria Topaz, Kathrine Wolhfeld, Johnny Whadd
Charles Parker ,Tour Diddy, Sonji Prevost

Featuring the Voice of
Rysan Fall


Written and Directed by Mitzy Broadway
Starring Mitzy Broadway,Sasha Johansen,Sil
Cathy Palen,Jagger Draconis,Katina Cazalet
Nicasio Ansar,Tricia Danielson,Wyatt Stone
Laren Silverfall, Heather Ashford, April Jestyr
Rachel Avro, Enki,Isa Cheviot, Max Long,
Peter Moore, Jack Stroker

Featuring the Voice of Rysan Fall


Casting Couch Episode Four:Wetter Than Wet- starring Vixxen Clowes, Arienne Evangeline, Directed by Mitzy Broadway, Co-Directed by Rachel Avro


Casting Couch Episode Three: The Orifice- starring Racheal Rexen, Sil. Directed by Mitzy Broadway, Co-Directed by Larry Vinaver.


Casting Couch Episode Two: SET MY SAILS-starring Kioke Mio, Terrance Maurer. Directed by Mitzy Broadway, Co-Directed by Katina Cazalet.


Hello I’m Mitzy Broadway CEO of Filthy Penny Productions. I am joined by four talented directors to produce an erotic survivor series. I’ve cast some of the hottest stars in film for the Casting Couch. Episode One: UNDER THE HOOD-starring  Partee Mytili , Damien Godard. Directed by Mitzy Broadway Co-Directed by Ali Lancrae.


Starring Mitzy Broadway and Rachel Avro of Filthy Penny Productions wishing everyone a Horny Holidays.


The World and The Queen of Pentacles. I see you have found what you were looking for, but can you stay on top. All look to you, wish to be you, but will you lose yourself? Will their wishes and desires wash away who you are? The world is yours, oh mighty Queen, but for how long? Beauty fades, desires darken….what will be your end?

LUST-Dantes Divine Comedy

From Rude Runner Studios a Filthy Penny Production: I need to find out who has put a curse on me. When he appears, I lust for him and everyone around him lusts for one and another. I feel strong urges of lust run through my body and then he appears from nowhere. I don’t know who he is. I can’t stop myself from wanting him.

Starring Mitzy Broadway, Max Long, Rachel Avro, Noshinima Midas, Jack Stroker, Heather Ashford, Peter Moore, Jagger Classito, Marcus Castillo, Vicki Concertina, Katina Cazalet, Larry Vinaver, Laren Silverfall, Stevie Viper, Kandie Kox


A device shows up on space station Kumino that ends up being a very large collection of porn. The device shows off it’s personal favorites to the space travelers. The space travelers have no idea how much material the device has collected. A sex bot (Kioke Kio) with lover girl arousal code is uploaded into the collection to retrieve the material the device has collected.

Starring-Emmanuelle Jameson, Katina Cazalet, Larry Vinaver, Mitzy Broadway, Jack Stroker, Kioke Kio, Kandie Kox, Frank Buck,Don Candy, Max Long, Peter Moore, Rachel Avro, Noshinima Midas, Laura Richards, Geordie Richards, Severina, Sil, Erin Cedarbridge, Heather Ashford, Darnell Carter, CC, Partee, Jack Guru, Monique Lefry, Laren Silverfall, Nicasio Ansar, CeeCee Storm, Dayla Gibbs, Sasha Johansen, Vixxen Rainbow.

Rosse Buurt The Film

Rosse Buurt Teaser

Rough Ride

From Rude Runner Studios a Filthy Penny Production Presents Rough Ride. A coast to coast three day non-stop sex ride. Starring Mitzy Broadway, Max Long, Jack Stroker, Peter Moore, Kandie Kox. Mitzy will do anything for a ride to Los Angeles because she is afraid to fly.

A Max Long Film From Rude Runner Studios a Filthy Penny Production presents The Back Alley introducing Mitzy Broadway a wet casting couch into porn industry. Directed by Max Long. Mitzy Broadway a street hooker who is known to anything for money.


The Back Alley

A Max Long Film. From Rude Runner Studios a Filthy Penny Production presents Beach Bang. Starring Mitzy Broadway with Max Long. Directed by Max Long and Co-Directed by Mitzy Broadway. Surfer slut Mitzy Broadway outlasts five of the hardest surfer dudes in a 5 guy Gang Bang followed up by sloppy 5th’s lesbian cleanup introducing Kandie Kox. Co-starring  Peter Moore, Donn Candy, Frank Buck, and Jack Stroker.

Beach Bang

Beach Bang starring Mitzy Broadway